Getting to know me (some more)

I think it’s about time that we got to know each other a little bit more…don’t think you?

Okay, okay…I’ll start off. Here are top 10 things you should know about me.

More about Sophia

I am very mixed

Greek Cypriot, Anglo Indian, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Italian. I like to think that I represent the world. Well, not far off anyway.

My surname is Cornish

I get asked all the time where my surname originates from. Everyone is completely surprised when they find out that it’s Cornish. It’s very rare. Apparently my ancestors were lords. Everyone who has the same surname as me is related to me somehow or another. There’s even a Wetherspoons Pub named after my family in Penzance. 

I love travelling

When I was younger I wanted to be a air hostess. That didn’t happen. Whilst at uni, I thought that I would end up living abroad. That definitely didn’t happen. So whenever I can, I like to go on adventurous trips, discovering places I’ve never visited before. 

I am dyslexic, clumsy and loud

FACT! I don’t actually feel at a disadvantage for being dyslexic – it just meant I had to work extremely hard to get to where I am.

I love mix-match prints

I used to be well coordinated. Then clashing prints came into fashion and I embraced it. Especially leopard print – I’ve even got my very own ‘Pat Butcher’ coat.

When I am hungry I get insanely snappy.

You’ve been warned.

I speak Spanish

I used to be almost fluent – unfortunately I have forgotten loads. *Sad Face* Still, I find I get to practise when I bump into random spanish strangers in bars.

I long to be a hippie

Remember Sandy’s Song “Oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair”? This is exactly how I feel.

I am a band geek

When I was a teenager I used to go on tours with my french horn. Y’know the instrument featured on Christmas Cards that goes round and round and round.

I am always on the go

Burning the candles at both ends, so to speak. I love spontaneous activities – especially if they are centred around discovering new quirky places to eat and dancing with my girlies.

  • Amy Liddell

    I love posts like this, it’s always nice to get to know more about the blogger! I’m always on the go too so I can definitely relate!