28 things I learned from being 28

IMG_20170218_135831_125We are now in March, meaning I have just one week left until my birthday. It always comes along very quickly after Christmas, given how short February is.

In recent years, it has become an annual tradition for me to reflect upon the past year and what I have learnt.

1. I can, and love, to travel solo
2. Determined
3. How lucky I am. Despite my protests and denial, I really enjoyed my life back home and certainly lived it to the full. My family and friends made it extremely difficult to up and leave, but at the same time they have provided the love and support to pursue my dreams.
4. I don’t just like the sea, I also love mountains. I feel I have accomplished the whole hiking thing, even it does end up with me falling over. Which is very often.
5. Despite being an exhabitionist, I hold an inability to sunbathe topless. Nope just not happening. I’m not prepared to show off these mosquito bites
6. I have mastered the skill of bartering, thanks to my greek teacher
7. Inspiring people. Who would have guessed it? On this trip I habe had a handful of people say just that, which seems very strange to me as I have also met so many people doing exactly the same thing as me.
8. Shit things happen in life … sometimes you have to learn to cope and be there for your friends and family
9. I’ve now more cautious with guys and my heart since my ex finally admitted to cheating on me. Handle with care please.
10. I want to be my own boss
11. I never feel good enough … I’m trying to deal with this one
12. My friends and family are always there for me despite being million miles away
13. I’m a walk over and need to say no and not accomadate other people as much
14. Having said that I can stand up to myself
16. I’m bohemian
17. It doesn’t matter how short I cut my hair. I will always be asked if I am 20, or 18
18. When I feel alone, I always managed to find someone new to keep me company
19. I have a love not just for australians but also for Chileans and Argentinians, and trying to resist Brasileans and their womanising charms. With that in mind, I knew I liked weirdos, but I REALLY do love weirdos
20. I have a synis problem. Now made even worse by my recent surf accident I reckon.
21. Wearing no make up is exhilerating. After working in the beauty industry, I’m suprised as much as you are to say this.
22. I bruise easily. I just didn’t realise how much.
23. I’m accident prone…I have the worse bad luck. I must have gained at least seven new scars from this trip.
24. I can live out a bag with minimum clothes
25. Should not be a risk assessor
26. I do get angry (I mean of course I get angry, but generally I do not)
27. I do get home sick
28 The way i practise yoga is how I am in life