My break up with meat: why I am becoming a vegetarian

Eight months into travel and I have only began cooking for myself in the hostel on a permanent basis. Argentina is excessively more expensive than I was anticipating, owing to a 300 per cent inflation rate over just the past year. This means that, unlike most other South American countries… View Post
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New York, New York

This week marks another mile stone for me. Not just for the fact that I’ve been travelling for two and a half months, but also because my journey through Central America is coming quickly to an end. I arrived in Panama City two nights ago, in preparation to meet my… View Post
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Learning To Say No

The past couple of weeks of me experimenting with my portion sizes has gone quite well. Not terrifically well or else in this blog post I would have shared with you a photo of me looking hot, hot, hot. You can therefore assume that it wasn’t a miracle worker. Not… View Post
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Shifting those last difficult pounds

It’s Friday evening, around 8.30pm and I have just got home from the gym. Sad huh? I know what you are thinking – who goes to the gym on a Friday. The start of the weekend? Well, to start with, unlike most people, my weekends start on Thursday evenings. That’s… View Post

Angmering Bluebell Trail Run

Well done to all those who took part in the London Marathon at the weekend. I bet you feel a huge sense of achievement. On Sunday I took on a challenge of my own. It wasn’t 26 miles but it was a very steepy 10-mile race in Angmering, West Sussex. View Post
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