My break up with meat: why I am becoming a vegetarian

FB_IMG_1487881481402Eight months into travel and I have only began cooking for myself in the hostel on a permanent basis. Argentina is excessively more expensive than I was anticipating, owing to a 300 per cent inflation rate over just the past year. This means that, unlike most other South American countries I’ve visited, it is actually cheaper to cook for myself in the hostel than opting for street food. Although it’s still dear, it does mean that I can significantly increase my intake of vegetables, which over the last year my diet has largely centred around carbs, more carbs and more deep fried carbs.

Whilst I have put on a few pounds, and chins, more so I felt my poor nutrition has had a huge impact on my well being. Before I left England, I managed to get my somewhat irregular periods under control to every other month (a real miracle for me). It’s now been nine months before I’ve had my last period – and before you ask no, I am not pregnant.

My non-existent periods have made me question my whole diet again and fully commit to an idea that I have been playing with for a while. To become a vegetarian.

You may well be wondering, how does eating meat effect my periods? I’ll let you do a quick YouTube of this, but in essence you can find tuns of documentaries around cattling and the conditions they endure. Not only are they kept in inhumane environments, but many are fed anti-biotics which then get passed onto us, as consumers. Having PCOS, I certainly do not need any more hormones pumped into my body.

Yes, I can opt for organic meat. When I was living in the UK, if I did chose to eat meat, I would often opt for organic meat, but it was still often hard eating out in restaurants when you do not know the full supply chain and sources.

In all honesty, I do not think becoming a vegetarian will be all that hard for me. Ever since I was a child, I had an (un)healthy obsession with fruit and vegetables, and everyone in my family knew they had to leave me the seconds to polish up…or heaven knows what mood I’d be left in. Often when I order meat dishes, I am disappointed with the flavour, texture and just overall the quality of the meat. However, I am not going to lie…I am going to miss the likes of sheftalides (Greek sausages), chorizo and slow-cooked lamb. I am, though, going to try my hardest though to find substitute ingredients to reinvent some of my favourite food.

Here’s hoping for the return of my periods…soon ♡