Shifting those last difficult pounds

Glass and jug of water with lemon to detoxIt’s Friday evening, around 8.30pm and I have just got home from the gym. Sad huh? I know what you are thinking – who goes to the gym on a Friday. The start of the weekend?

Well, to start with, unlike most people, my weekends start on Thursday evenings. That’s right, I have what everyone dreams of. A three-day weekend. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the option/able to.

Second of all, I am currently on big fitness regime after neglecting my body for the last quarter of 2015. Drinking a copious amount of alcohol most nights, snacking on small yet calorific canapés and doing zero exercise took its toll. I gained pounds (I say pounds rather than an exact amount as I was too scared to get on the scales and weigh myself. I am just hoping it wasn’t stones). I also started gaining a triple chin.

When I had the misfortune of being made redundant in January and was on gardening leave for three weeks I took it as an opportunity to get my trainers back on and start running again. The first few days were tough. I could hardly run a mile along the River Thames without having to stop and so I decided to turn the challenge up a notch and return to the gym.

Rather than hit the gym floor I opted for classes, such as spinning and body pump, where I knew I would really push myself to the limit. I have definitely felt a difference, strengthening my core and fitness levels so much so that I have shed minutes of my weekly Park Run 5K. I am now back to the time I was whilst training for the full marathon last year, and trust me, I was training a lot then, doing daily five-mile runs at a minimum.

Despite my ‘muffin tops’ significantly reducing in size, I am still not happy with my reflection in the mirror. I know no-one is, but I am not at my comfortable weight. The healthy weight you are able to accept which is realistic.

I am having trouble shedding the last couple of pounds which I just can’t lose through exercise. I generally eat healthily – way too much fruit and veg than is probably recommended – and cook everything from scratch and so I have decided to get tactical and resolve my weight worries through other means.

Portion Sizes

The size of my meals are massive. I am not just saying it. My plate is piled high like a mountain. I will be reducing my serving size, leaving at least a quarter of what I would normally eat for my lunch the next day.

Plate Size

Whilst spending a week in Cyprus with my godparents a couple of years ago I expected to put weight on after indulging in the mouth-watering likes of spanakopitas, souvalaki and sweet baklava. Oh contraire. By the end of my stay, I actually lost four pounds. Despite eating hot meals morning, day and night we ate off much smaller plates (a bit bigger than a side dish) meaning although I was having seconds, I was much more conscious of how much I was eating and getting full much quicker.

Drinking more water

I will be significantly increasing the amount of water I drink. Despite drinking lots of decaff tea and coffee, I feel I could benefit more from herbal tea and pure water. I will also be drinking a glass of chilled water before I eat each meal so I do not confuse my thirst with hunger.

Eating slowly

All my family eat quickly (well, except my dad). It’s almost as if I inhale my food, barely chewing it. Yes, a horrible habit to admit. My aim is to chew my food at least 15 times (or at least five) to make sure my brain registers the amount I eat and my stomach has more time to feel full.

So there you go. There’s the plan. I definitely need your support so I am going to make sure I share my progress with you on Twitter. I’d love it so much if you followed me @sotremendous to offer me motivation.

  • Kate Bower

    Some really good tips thank you! And you aren’t alone in the Friday gym sessions as I am regularly found there instead of partying!x

  • fashion-mommy

    I think it is great that you have a plan of action – this will totally help you to stay focused and your ideas are so sensible.