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About So Tremendous

Hi, I’m Sophia. Welcome to my blog So Tremendous.

Having worked in Public Relations in over six years and bringing so many brands to digital life, I decided I wanted to set up a blog that captures all my passions.

Apparently I have a lot of them. So much so that I couldn’t figure what I wanted to write about.

Until now.


During my second year of uni I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. If have never heard of it before, PCOS affects fertility and has a number of horrible associated symptoms. Weight gain, acne, hair in unwanted and unnamed places, fatigue. The list goes on.

Although it is fairly common (1 in 5 women have it) I found that there was (and still is) little advice and help on the topic, particularly from my doctors.

Through my own research and experimenting I successfully dropped two dresses, and regained my energy and confidence. And proud of it.

Gradually more and more of friends have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with it, too. Perhaps it’s how vocal I am about the topic, but I seem to be the go-to girl to chat to them about my own personal experiences and make them understand that it is manageable.

I definitely think it’s a topic that should be spoken about more which is why I have decided to share with you my open diary.

All things PCOS-related. From my day-to-day life to exercising and tasty food recipes that won’t leave you getting major food envy whenever you see a carb-loaded burger.



Of course, my life is not completely dominated by PCOS. After globe-trotting around the world, I am privileged to have experienced some of the most tremendous things in life – an array of cultures, internal cuisines and landscapes.

I have been back in the UK for nearly five years now. This, however, hasn’t stopped me from travelling whenever possible. With time, money and trying to figure out where my heart lies, it has been a struggle though. On a daily basis I battle between wanting to fly and live somewhere new, unknown and random abroad and staying in London to enjoy the city scene on my doorstep whilst being close to my family.

Next destination? Watch my blog.


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